Concept Coach is back, and we’ve made some improvements in time for the Fall 2016 pilot:

  • Faster and better score reports
  • Question library where instructors can view and exclude questions
  • Smoother student registration process
  • Simpler way to assign Concept Coach question sets: copy and paste links to your syllabus or LMS
  • Errata corrections within each subject
  • The ability to report errata within Concept Coach

If you piloted in Spring 2016, visit our FAQ for instructions on setting up your courses in Concept Coach for the summer or fall.


At Rice University, we have a team focused on embedding technology into our OpenStax textbooks to improve student learning outcomes. This free tool, called Concept Coach, will be embedded in the web view of OpenStax’s college textbooks. As students read, they will be asked questions to reinforce their understanding of the content. Concept Coach automatically incorporates proven cognitive science principles — spaced practice, retrieval practice, and feedback — to increase students' long-term retention. Concept Coach is designed to easily integrate into a professor's existing workflow and is not a replacement for traditional or online homework.


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Students see a visual representation of their understanding by topic and faculty can view individual student or class progress.

We Need Your Help!

OpenStax wants to perfect this tool to meet faculty and student needs, so please help us develop it by piloting in Fall 2016.
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